Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The freak parade

I was reading a post that my friend Lani put on her blog (blog post) and I couldn't help but laugh and totally sympathize/empathize with what the woman who wrote it had to say. And today had to have been the perfect day for me to read it because it made me laugh while walking through the store being stared at like some kind of freak show (apparently that is what happens once you have more than one child at the same time). I will say though, it was hard to smile and nod when the woman at Kohl's asked if I had a boy and a girl, because you know it's hard to tell at this age (mind you Jill was in a pink bib and Aaron was in a blue bib). And then it made me realize there should be some kind of flyer that we can all hand out with questions/comments people just shouldn't ask(especially when we're at the store or we have a fussy baby)...for example...

  • Are they twins/triplets/quads? Nooooooo! I just happened to have this many kids at the same time!
  • Are they natural? Um ok none of your business, seriously, I didn't ask you if your kid was natural, so why is it ok for you to ask me?
  • Are they identical? Personally this one grates on my nerves, I have a boy and a girl, how in the world could they be identical?
  • Boy, you must have your hands full! Obviously...
  • How do you do it? I don't know, how did you with just one?
  • Do you have twins in your family? I'm sure if we all looked into our family history you would find twins at some point, but on the same note, I don't need to hear your family history on twins that run in your family, no offense.
  • I always wanted twins! I'm sure you did...
  • Oh a boy and a girl? Wow you just got an instant family all done in one shot! I'd comment, but uhhh I have no words for this....I haven't had enough Pinot Grigio to answer that (lay another one on me bartender!).
  • Did you breastfeed? Ok, seriously look back to my answer for are they natural.
  • You look good for having twins! Ummm thanks, I think?

Just had to vent, now on to a relaxing night of Dancing with the Stars and yes, some Pinot Grigio!

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Triplets07 said...

There could be so many more you could write. Thought I would tell you one of my favorite's from today. Sitting in the little snack bar area of Target wearing my "Triplets a Full contact sport shirt" a guy walks up to us stands there looking and say's are they Triplets! Sometimes I just have to laugh!!!

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