Friday, November 7, 2008

Check up continued...

Well today has been interesting to say the least. Like I said earlier the kids had another round of shots today, and normally they do really well the rest of the day, just a little tired, but nothing bad. Today, of course, had to be different. Jill ended up running a fever that ranged from 101.8 to 102.8 and she threw up once really bad and another time it was just some spit up. The nurse on call told us not to worry unless she runs a fever of 105 (gosh that seems high, doesn't it???). Jill's never really been sick before so it is kind of hard to handle, and of course you end up over analyzing and stressing out (I even called my Mommy). Hopefully in another hour her fever will be down and that's the worst of it.
But in better news... Aaron is now in his big boy car seat, he loves it! You would think it's a lazy boy recliner in the there or something! I think we're going to end up putting Jill in a big girl one soon because she is outgrowing hers length wise. They also get to have more food during the day, so now they can have 2 tubs of food (either 1st stage or 2nd stage, just not the meats yet) and any kind of cereal that they want. Scott and I had to laugh the other day at the store when we saw that one of the baby jars was risotto with wild grains, seriously I don't eat that good and I'm an adult!
Dr. Rivera was pretty impressed with their development. Both of them can push up really well and push up on their knees too, they just need to figure out the crawling part. But I'm not going to lie, I do enjoy that they aren't crawling just yet, once I get the playard I may change my mind!
Hope all is well!

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Triplets07 said...

Hope Jill is feeling better soon! Aaron looks so happy in his big boy carseat:)

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