Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Our first day at Disney

Aaron and Jill on the bus
We're here at Hollywood Studios!

Jill LOVED Lights Motor Action

Aaron hanging out with Buscia

Aaron on The Great Movie Ride

Jill on The Great Movie Ride

Waiting for the bus at the end of the night
So yesterday was our first day at a Disney Park with Aaron and Jill. We went with pretty much everyone in my family to Hollywood Studios (MGM for those who haven't been in a while). The kids LOVED it! I was really nervous about how they would do as far as naps and eating and just in general, and they totally surprised me. Considering everything that was going on around them they both took over hour long naps (yay for Mommy and Daddy!). They saw Muppets 3D (loved it), Lights Motors Action (really loved it), Fantasmic (Aaron screamed at all the Villans and Jill fell asleep) and The Great Movie Ride. They even saw their first celebrity, Ryan Seacrest, they could have look eye to eye (He's pretty short). It was an awesome day to say the least. Scott even took the day off so he could be there for their first day. I can't wait to see how they do today, we're going to Epcot (and I'm flying solo). I honestly have to say I kind of feel like a kid again because I haven't been to the parks in so long and it's just amazing to see how they react to everything. Hope all is well with you!

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