Tuesday, January 20, 2009


My Dad has always told me there are three things that you never talk about in public, religion, money and politics. However, I think today we can talk politics, right? I know this blog is mainly about my kids and their daily life, but today it's going to be about the amazing event that occurred at noon. How awesome is it that we live in today's world? Today is a huge testament to how far we as a nation have come, and how great our future will be. If you did not get to watch President Obama's speech, go to CNN and watch it or read the transcript. It was amazing, powerful and just what we need. So here's to four years of change, in a good way, just what we need!


Melissa said...

Here, here! It has been an amazing day and his speech was great! I still can't seem to turn off MSNBC:) Good Luck Obama!

Lani said...

I agree:) I took a little video of the kids playing with the inauguration in the background:)

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