Thursday, January 1, 2009

Party like it's 2009

Tracy and Aaron
L-R Joe, Joe Gator's arm, Gary, Randy and Scott
L-R Carol, Julie, Mariah, Annie, Becca, Michelle, Kelly, Aprille, Tracy, Staci, Me and Bonnie
Staci and Gary

Happy 2009 everyone! I hope everyone had a fun, but safe, night last night! We went to our friends Paul and Carol's house. They always have a New Year's Eve party and it's like being with your family! The kids went too, even though it was past their bedtime. Carol was nice enough to let us use the crib they had and we also brought a Pack n Play so the kids were comfortable. Both were down by 9 ish which was nice for Scott and I. It's still hard to believe the year is over and it's a brand new one! I hope you all have an amazing 2009!

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