Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hey hey the gangs all here!

Lily, Hendrix and Hadden
Hunter and Aaron
Melissa, Ben, Lily and one of the Adams boys
Cameron and Jill, they're buddies
Sleepy Aaron
Jill and Lily being silly in the ball pit
We had a playdate at Lani's house today with the Lyons, Pierce and Adams families. It's amazing to see how much different these playdates have become. It wasn't all that long ago that my kids were like little blobs laying on the play mat while the other kids cruised around. Now, my kids are crawling and standing all over the place, Lani and April's are walking, dancing, talking a lot more and just hilarious and we have new friends to join us. However, one thing that did remain the same was that Aaron fell asleep and stayed asleep during the last half of the playdate. The only difference is it wasn't in the middle of Lani's living room.
Yesterday Mimi and I did our part in helping to stimulate the economy by visiting the Carters store. I was a little bummed that we didn't get a shout out from Obama last night, I mean we did our part, we had to have made a little dent in the deficet, right? I can't wait to see them in their new outfits!
That's about it over here, hope all is well with you!

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Melissa said...

Had a great time today! Can't wait for my boys to not be those blobs anymore:)

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