Friday, February 27, 2009

The "incident" and more

We made an impromptu visit to Epcot yesterday with Lani, Lily, Ben and Cameron. It was actually fairly busy for Epcot. We didn't get a lot of questions/comments/finger points/gasps which was nice, we did get one guy say he was going to pray for us, so that's cool? I hope he's praying for continued patience with dealing with people like him, but prayers for the kids too are always nice! We're also perfecting the art of finding hideaways in the parks to feed the kids without being stared at the whole time. If you are wondering, the back garden area of the UK is very nice, unless the band is playing then it's a mob scene.
There was also an "incident" at the house yesterday. The kids were crawling around the house and I heard this bang. I look over and there it is....Scott's snackmaster (that he has had and used since 1990) on the floor, Aaron's chubby little hand attached and a piece of it on the other side of the room. I debated with myself if I should just leave it and see if he would notice a huge piece of the vent missing off of it or call him and tell him. This was about a five minute internal debate, I ended up taking a photo on my phone and sending it to him. Needless to say my phone lit right up. Hopefully it still works, I don't see why it wouldn't. Below is the damage...In other kiddie news, Jill now plays peek a boo with herself and blanket. Scott plays it with her all the time when he's home and now she plays it by herself too. Aaron is pulling himself up on everything and then screams at you to look at him. He loves climbing up on his exersaucer now and slamming his hands on all the toys. That poor toy...I still can't get over how big they have gotten. Next week they will be 10 months. I seriously feel like we just brought them home. Lani and I were talking about our first playdate and just how much all of the kids have grown. It's such a mixture of emotions, part of me wants them to stay little forever and just be my cuddle monkeys, but the other part wants to see them grow up. Sigh...
Scott and I got to go to dinner last night which was wonderful (thank you again Cathy for the gift card!). We went to P.F. Changs at Mall of Milenia, it was delicious, and I'm not just talking about the pomegrante martini. It's always nice to have a few hours with Scott outside of the house, it reminds me of our carefree pre-baby days. Thanks again to Mimi and PawPaw for watching the munchkins!
That's about it over here, not quite sure what we are doing today but I hope you have a great one!

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Lani said...

Oh no! I had a snackmaster in my college dormroom- made the best grilled cheese sandwiches ever!

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