Sunday, February 22, 2009

Playing catchup

So it's been a while... Let's see what has happened. Well no more bloody gum mornings so far, always a good sign! Friday the kids got some belated Valentine's Day gifts from Auntie Cathy, Aaron was all about the card and Jill was all about the boo boo ice pack (very fitting). Yesterday we went to the Sand Lake farmers market and Whole Foods with the Pierce family (check out Melissa's blog). There wasn't a whole lot at the farmers market, I kind of find that to be an odd place for one with Whole Foods being literally 3 feet away. It was still a good time, and it was awesome getting to hang out with Melissa, Adam, Evan and Taylor (they're such peanuts, Evan and Taylor, not Melissa and Adam). We got something new at Whole Foods yesterday, it's from a local chef, it was called Salsipepper and it's delicious! We put it on our salmon last night and it was super good. Check out his website he has a ton of stuff and can ship some of it, plus it's all gluten free, double bonus.
We also bought cabinet locks and that will be the project for today I think, well Scott's project anyway. The kids haven't gotten into the cabinets yet, but I know it's just a matter of time, so it's better to nip it in the bud now (is it bud or butt?).
Now, my slight rant...So I went to mass last night and when I go I like those moments before mass to myself for reflection and just decompression. Apparently, and I don't know if it's from all those years at Disney, I have a come talk to me I have an answer for everything all around nice girl face. This woman made a bee line for me and decided to tell me her entire life story before mass, all while saying "I should really be saying my rosary." I wanted to agree so bad and tell her to pray her rosary for me, so I could make it through the mass sitting next to her, but that's not very Christ like now is it? I heard all about her postpartum depression with her first child, severed and reattached foot (seriously), daughters divorce and now engagement to some guy from Morroco that she met at Disney, the history of Clermont, and how long she would be staying with her daughter who happens to live two subdivisions down from me. I've never wanted mass to end so bad in my life, and of course, Murphy's Law, it was a long mass. Sigh...oh well.
Ok, well I need to get ready we are going to the Celebration farmers market with Lani, and I think April. Hope you have a great day!

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