Sunday, March 22, 2009

Are those triptuplets?

We went to mass this morning as a part of Scott's R.C.I.A. process. The kids were actually pretty well behaved....well kind of. So we got to the church and as we sat down Aaron let out the biggest burp I've ever heard...ever! Of course we got several snickers out of that. Then my wonderful and charming daughter broke out the demon baby voice. I was waiting for someone to sprinkle holy water on her! But other than that, it was good.
This afternoon we went to EPCOT for the Flower and Garden Festival with Lani and the kids. Our original plan was to see Davy Jones (seriously) but the rain clouds came in and we were smart and left. We literally made it to the car and got the kids loaded as it began to pour. The comments today were "interesting" to say the least. For example, Lani has "triptuplets" uh huh seriously. Oh and this other lady said and I quote..."I thought I had problems with one!" Oh there was some restraint in not commenting back. Then, and this one is the best, by far...we stopped in China to feed the kids and this guy was sitting over by where Scott was and asked "Hey are those 5 babies?" so Scott said "Yup" well I think the guy meant "Hey are those quints?" and Scott thought that as well and figured yup, I'll just say sure, why not mess with the people. So the guy walked away and pointed us out to his wife and how we had five babies. Awesome. But the whole walk around the park was pretty good, I love the annual pass, seriously!
Hope you had a great weekend!


Nicole O'Dell said...

I love, "We stopped in China to feed the kids..." lol Those annual passes would be AWESOME!

SLM said...

Triptuplets. I love it. People say the dumbest things!

I love saying "No" when I get the question, "Are they twins?". The reaction is priceless.

I love our annual pass to Disney as well. :-)

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