Thursday, April 9, 2009

The non zoo experience

So it's time to play catch up. Yesterday Scott took off so we could go with Lani and all the kids to Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa. We were all super excited about going because we were told we get in for free with our Florida Aquarium passes, and Lani had actually gotten in free last week. So we packed all the kids up and made the hour and fifteen minute drive to Tampa. Well when we got there it was starting to get super busy. The lines were long and somewhat chaotic. One of the guys flagged us over to another line, we walked right up to the entry and the guy looked at us like we were crazy because obviously you need tickets and duh you need to be in the line. So Scott jumped in the 10 minute line to get to the window and the lady said to Scott "What are you trying to pull here?" Ummm whoa lady! Lani said she was full on doing the head bob too, awesome. So we get out of line, because apparently the pass doesn't gain us free entry, because obviously it is April, not September. So we find a manage to figure out why last week Lani and her family got in free and now it's September. We just wanted an explanation and the manager (Call sign 80 by the way, no clue what her name is) said that it's the Aquariums fault they didn't explain it and if we wanted we could buy a Lowry Park annual pass ($90) and enjoy our day or wait until September to come back (right). So we brought up the whole getting in for free last week point and the lady goes "Well I don't know about that, but you can't get for free just because you have triplets". YES! That came out of her mouth! YES! So we politely walked away and proceeded to call the customer service line, and were either placed on hold for forever, sent back to the automated system or sent directly to a nameless voicemail. AWESOME! So yeah, the outside of the zoo was just peachy! my Dad is in town this weekend. He is Scott's sponsor for R.C.I.A. We went to EPCOT today to walk around for a little while, it was actually pretty crowded. Tomorrow I need to go to Whole Foods to pick up my ham for Easter and all the veggies that go with it. I've never made a ham before, should be interesting! Hope you had a great day though!


Melissa said...

ARE...YOU...KIDDING???!!! No joke, kids or no kids..they would've needed security because I would've flipped out with that comment! That just earned Lowry Zoo

Melissa said...

a boycott! It cut me off for some reason.

Triplets07 said...


Missy said...

I would have said - Just because you are Call Sign 80 does not mean you that you can be the Rudest Human on earth. And then I would have told her to have Blessed Day!

What a ridiculous woman and what a ridiculous way to act especially in front of children.

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