Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dear Gerber....

My dear friends at Gerber, I am writing to ask you what type of food coloring you use in your Peach Puffs. Is it permanent ink? I have tried washing my daughters dress 10 (yes ten) times and still have stains from where she smashed a peach puff. I have been able to remove blood in one wash and yet the peach puff stain remains. Is there some secret I do not know about? If yes, please fill me in, you can even wipe my memory afterward just as long as I can get the stain out of her dress. If you are going to tell me that I just need to pre-treat the stain I will laugh in your face. I have pre-treated this stain with everything in my home and have scrubbed it to the point that I thought I was going to rip it. Surely there is something better?

Many thanks,
Me :)

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