Saturday, June 6, 2009

Here fishy fishy!

Yesterday was an interesting day to say the least. My kiddos are surprising me with all the new things they do. Jill decided after her morning nap that she needed her blankets out of her crib, the only problem was Aaron was still sleeping and the door was closed. Being the problem solver that she is, Jill grabbed one of her toys, walked over to the door and proceeded to bang on it until Aaron woke up. Success! She walked in, smiled at Aaron, grabbed her blankets and left. Awesome! Then my darling angel learned how to open one of the sippy cups and dumped it all over herself and splashed in the puddle. She was so proud of herself too. Then there is my darling Aaron. Aaron has learned that the light switch is next to his crib and if he plays with the one closest to him it turns the fan on and off. We listened to him turning the fan on and off for almost an hour last night. He was very proud of himself though, I opened the door and he was all smiles. It was almost like he was trying to say "Hey Mom look at this!"

Here's a photo of Jill watching herself cry....seriously...
Today we took the kids to the Florida Aquarium in Tampa. We went a few months ago with everyone and decided to make a trip back. I need to learn to check the events calendar before we go anywhere though, they were having Scouts (boys and girls) day today. There were people everywhere! It was fine when we first go there, but after lunch it was a total madhouse and we ended up leaving. The kids got to walk around for a little bit though while we were there, which was good, it let them stretch their legs since they had been sitting for so long. The aquarium was even nice enough to hold our stroller for us so we didn't have to juggle that too. Here is some video of the eels (Scott's favorite) and river otters, and photos of us from the day...

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And finally, a very happy 22nd wedding anniversary to my brother Art and his wife Karyn!!!

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