Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sippy insanity

I've finally figured out that when I lose my mind (it is a matter of when now, not if) it will be at the hands of a sippy cup. Why a sippy you ask? Simple, these sneaky little pieces of BPA free plastic are some how way more entertaining than any of the hundred or so toys that are in this house. I mean can one of those toys be turned over so that all of the contents can be spilled all over the chair I was just sitting in, or on the floor so someone can slip on it (usually Aaron), or in the rainspout of a laugh and learn house, or on our play table? No, none of our toys do that. When one of those silly toys goes missing I don't freak out and start counting them all to see which one is missing then have that sheer panic of "Oh my God was milk in that one?!" Nope that only happens with the sippys. I'm actually have a missing one right now, I think it was water though, well I hope anyway. I think they camaflogue paint on them because I can never find them and when they finally do appear it was like they were right there in front of your face the whole entire time. Sigh...

In other non sippy related news: Scott is back to work and I have to say I was worried about the whole re-adjustment and it's not that bad. The first day the kiddos, and when I say kiddos I really mean Aaron, ran to the bedroom door a few times and yelled "DA DA!"but then he was over it. I think the only time Jill notices is when Scott comes home, she hears that key in the door, turns her head and flashes a sly smile and runs to the door to just stare at him (she always hugs him second). Other than that though things have been crazy busy. Tomorrow is the End of Summer Blog Party at Multiples and More. We got a ton of awesome prizes to giveaway and I can't wait to see what everyone else is giving away!

That's all from here from right now, hope you're having a great day so far!


Jodi said...

I hear you on the sippy's! I used to use the nubby brand with the silicone straw, but my monsters um...I mean men figured how to bite the straws and make a watering jug. I finally switched to the hard top Playtex kind and so far so good!

monica said...

Oh I am right there on the sippy cups. It seems like we look all the time for sippy cups. They end up under the couch a lot. The boys sometimes remembers to put them up onthe counter, but not very often! I am all ready for the Multiples and More blgo giveaway with a giveaway of my own!

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