Monday, September 28, 2009

Take me out to the ball game

It's been a busy day over here! We met up with Mimi and PawPaw for dinner at Chili's. I was really surprised there weren't more people there. But then again it was only 5 o'clock, so it was us and the ummm...early birds :) Mimi is doing much better since her procedure on Friday. Her arm hurts more from the doctor "wrenching" it than from the calcium breaking up. She was able to pick the kiddos up and everything!

After dinner we went to our friend Jenn's sons first t-ball game. Oh my gosh t-ball is insanely adorable! 99% of the kids are paying more attention to their parents in the stands or the butterfly that just flew by. It's the best! I highly recommend you catching a game in the near future. Here are some photos from the night:

Have you checked out Blog for a Cure yet??????


Kristen said...

aww these pictures are adorable!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

So cute! I agree, tball at that age, is so adorable!

missy said...

stopping by from SITS.
very cute blog......ugh twins!!!!! you have got to be one amazing woman!!!!! busy, busy, busy!!!!!!!
they are little cuties!!!!

Lani said...

aw... adorable!!

Elle Bee said...

So cute. I was laughing about the "butterfly passing by" comment. Hehehe, can't wait for t-ball.

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