Thursday, October 8, 2009

The most magical place on not here

It's been crazy busy over here. This is actually one of the first times I've gotten to just sit at my computer since Tuesday morning.

Tuesday night I got CPR trained, which I think everyone needs to do. Scott has been CPR trained for awhile, he has to be since he's in security, so I figured it was about time I was trained as well. I really wish I would have been trained before the kids were born though, there was a ton of helpful information in there. I'm just glad I've never been in a situation where I've had to use it.

Yesterday Scott was off so we took the kiddos to Magic Kingdom since the crowds are down, unfortunately the same cannot be said for the temperature. It was 94 yesterday! 94?! That's not very "autumn" like now is it? We took the kids on Winnie the Pooh and Pirates of the Caribbean and had a quick bite to eat. The beauty of our passes is we can just go in for a few rides and then bail because the kids are tired. Aaron fell asleep on Pirates, which seems to happen every time we go on that ride. I can't wait until he realizes that it's actually a ride and not just a nice cool place to nap. Here are some photos from our day:

This morning has already been quite eventful. The battery in Scott's car died on his way to work, thankfully PawPaw was able to meet him and let him use on of their cars so he could get to work. I really hope that's all the excitement we will have today.

More to come later, hope you're having a great day so far!

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