Sunday, November 8, 2009

The evolution of the climb

We are in full on climbing mode at our house. I understand it's a developmental milestone and everything, I was just hoping it would stick to the glider in the nursery and skip the table and chairs. See this is how the climbing started:

Cute, right? Sometimes they both sit in the glider, until Aaron shoves Jill out, but it's cute. Aaron and I read stories in there, and Jill tries to pull the blinds down so she can see what the neighbors are doing. Well yesterday while I was making the kiddos some lunch it got really really REALLY quiet which is red flag number one. So I peak my head around the corner and see this:

Awesome! It's like they are ninjas or something because I didn't hear a thing! They ended up staying in the chairs until nap time and I was hoping after their naps they would have forgotten the magic that is the table and chairs. WRONG!

Well at least they are still sitting and not climbing all over the place, right?

Don't you love the innocent face, especially as he's dialing someone on my phone. After the reminder that we don't stand on chairs I thought we would be doing fairly well. Nope, not so much.
Notice he went right for my wallet and even went through it. We were still doing fine until he threw (seriously) Jill off the chair and she landed face first on the carpet. Now the chairs are gone, well expect for the one I am currently sitting in. The hope is if I keep it pushed in they can't pull it back to climb up again. Wishful thinking? Probably....


Christina said...

Mine are climbing everything. Its kind of a pain huh?

Twincerely,Olga said...

still so cute!I am sure mine are next!!

1 Special Family said...

Just tell yourself that someday they might need to know how to climb like that! It's what got me through, and mine are now 13!

Annie said...

For me it was a hard experienced because when I put one baby down the other one was up. Not easy.

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