Monday, December 7, 2009


Today we took the kiddos to Seaworld. We haven't been there in a while and wanted to check it out before the crowds began to arrive. I completely forgot that they have the Polar Express Experience back in the Wild Arctic area and couldn't wait to check it out! The kids are really into "choo-choo's" now so I knew it was going to be well worth it!

We stopped to see the penguins first, which all three of kids liked. ;) Aaron was signing/saying bird like crazy the whole time we were in there and Jill just laughed when they would swim up to the window.

On our way to Wild Arctic we stopped by the stables to see the Clydesdale's. Jill went bananas when she saw them. I can only imagine what was running through their minds when they saw these humongous horses!

We lucked out when we went to Wild Arctic because the Shamu show was still going on, so everyone in that general area was in the show. Because it's the Polar Express right now the whole area is decorated for Christmas and has scenes from the movie all around. You start by going into a room and watching a clip from Polar Express (there is another room that is motion activated, but until they hit 42 inches we will be in the non-motion section).

Jill immediately started hollaring (seriously) "CHOO-CHOO!!!!" and Aaron was pointing the whole time "what's that?! CHOO-CHOO!" I think they would have been satisfied sitting in that room the rest of the day. What I didn't know was that Santa was there! Seriously! I thought we were just going to see the beluga whales, polar bear, and walruses. Now this Santa...he's ok. I've seen better. But the kids did so good with him! No tears, no pulling away, nothing! Yahoo! PS Aaron's expression...priceless...

All the animals were up and about, which we really hadn't seen any other time we had been there. Aaron went crazy when he saw the polar bear. He was signing and shouting "BEAR! BEAR! BEAR!" It reminded me of that scene in The Great Outdoors, "Big bear, big bear chase, big bear chase me!" (If you've never seen this movie, shame! Go rent it!).

We went underneath to view the walruses and whales which was awesome. The walruses swim right up the window, and they seriously make you wonder if that glass would hold. Aaron and Jill weren't that impressed with them so we moved on to the belugas. The belugas seemed to be swimming afar and then BAM! One came right up to the window, and seriously I had to check Aaron's diaper. He almost jumped out of my arms!

After Wild Arctic we went to see the Pets Ahoy! show, which is basically a show with animal tricks. Aaron and Jill went nuts the moment we walked in and they saw all the dogs. They both clapped along and told us when the dogs came out (in case we couldn't see them, you know). Jill even made commentary when two dogs came out in a car with wedding bells (she made her "oh my goodness!" face). These kids are getting funnier and funnier as the days go by!

Hope you had a great day!


The Lane Family said...

I am always so impressed by all of the adventures you go on and the opurtunity to live by such amazing places. I know my 4 year old would have LOVED the Polar Express experience. How fun!!!

Christina said...

Man that looks so fun! Know what I did today? Woke up to snow, sat in the cold, and now I'm waiting for MORE snow, lol!! I'm jealous!! ;)

Samantha said...

Hey Amanda, I just read your comment about winning a contest on Multiples blog. Not sure what happened there?! Here's my email:

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

What fun!!! Have I told you lately that I am jealous of you living near Disney? ; )

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