Tuesday, January 5, 2010

20 months!

I cannot believe it! My babies are 20 months old today. Way to close to 2 if you ask me. So much has changed with them since they were born. I'll be honest those first few months are a blur. There was a lot of diaper changes and bottle washing and poop. That's mainly what I remember. Now they are just amazing! They are talking so much more and teaching me so many things. There is nothing more special that to watch something through the eyes of a child. It gets you excited about the simple things in life. I cannot wait to see what the next 20 months hold for us!


Christina said...

Happy 20 months!! Way to close to 2, I agree.

Krystyn said...

This really is the most fun time, though. Of course, it gets more fun, but they are still so innocent and don't talk back yet.

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