Saturday, February 27, 2010

Story time!

Before I get to our day I want to share this with you, it's to the montage they did today at Seaworld in honor of Dawn Brancheau, the trainer that was killed this week:

The kids are very much into story time right now and have a favorite book called "Bless Me: A Child's Good Night Prayer". It's a really cute book and I think they like it because of the rhyming, and of course because they get to say "AMEN!" at the end. Another favorite of ours is Chicka chicka boom boom, which I used to read to my niece when she was little (she's 20 now, my oh my). Today when I was putting their laundry away they decided to sit in the glider and take turns telling each other stories. Aaron pretended to read from the book:

And Jill acted it out:

She also tried to blame her brother for coloring on the window. She just needs to make sure he actually has a crayon in his hand next time.

Scott umpired his first little league game today, and I'm happy to say he only got hit twice! My friend Jenn took some photos so I'm just waiting on those and then I will post them on here. He definitely made me laugh though when he got home and said "Do you know how short those kids are?!" Scott is 6'1", the average height of a little leaguerer (is that a word?) is what, 5'0"? It should prove to be an interesting season, which reminds me I need to put some ice packs in the freezer....

The weather really bit the big one today so we ended up going a little stir crazy tonight:

Those weren't even the funniest moments, naturally those are the moments you don't have a camera.

I hope you are having a great weekend!

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