Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hey Blue!

Scott ump's for the little league in our area, this is his first season and he loves it. He used to play back in the day (we won't say how far back in the day) and has always loved the sport. Since we have friends in the league, Scott decided to give it a go.

I finally made it out to one of his games last night, and he was umping the Junior league's game. These kids are around 14-15 and hell-a good. There was a triple play in the 2nd inning that blew my mind. It was a looping line drive straight between first and second, the kid caught it threw it to 2nd, tagged the kid out, caught it again, ROLLED and threw it to first for the third out. It was hands down the most impressive play I've seen in a while. One of the moms from the other team even came over and asked "who birthed that child?!". Needless to say his mom was queen for the night.

Anyway, Scott was the only ump out there, they could never find someone else to do the game with him. So he had to make all the calls behind the plate and on the field. He was hustling last night, so it was irritating when you would hear someone (who happens to be an ump but wouldn't put on his gear to help....right?!) yelling "Hey ump! Hey ump!" and then talking about how it was a bad call. Get out on the field then and help. I mean I can understand if he was consistently making bad calls, but he wasn't. Don't get me wrong there were a few balls that should have been strikes and vice versa, but it's his call, he's behind the plate. I worry what may happen when my little man is on the field. I see myself spending many a game in my car because I've been tossed out.

But as a reminder to all you little leaguers, this is a volunteer position and if it wasn't for guys like Scott your kids wouldn't be able to play. So give them a little slack or get out on the field yourself and help out.

Good job Blue ;)

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MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

My hubby refereed soccer for years, and he also coached a few teams. I would go to a game now and again, and most of the parents didn't know I was his wife. It was incredible to hear the comments they would make. It was sometimes all I could do to bite my tongue!

I agree it will be interesting to see how these experiences shape us when our kiddos are out there. I just know I'm looking forward to being a soccer mom (or gymnastics, or t-ball, whatever...trying not to peg the kiddos too early!).

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