Tuesday, April 13, 2010

There it is!!!!

Yesterday we went to Animal Kingdom with the kids. With the way the weather has been heating up, we know this is probably one of the last trips before the fall. This park, unlike the others, gets insanely hot in the summer because of all the vegetation. You truly feel like you are in the middle of Africa.

Our first stop was the Triceratops Spin, which is just like Dumbo. Jill has learned how to move the joystick and all I can say is I'm glad we hadn't had lunch yet.

Aren't her pigtails cute? We shed several tears while putting them in. She hates when you touch her hair, even if it's just to move it out of her eyes.
We had lunch at, by far, our favorite restaurant Yak and Yeti. They specialize in Asian style dishes and have egg rolls that are out of this world. The kids did really well at lunch too, Jill even licked the ketchup off her plate (I am so not kidding). Aaron was half asleep before lunch came out and then he perked right up when he saw his chicken. The boy does not pass up a meal for anything.

We went to see the tigers after lunch, they weren't too active though. I finally let the kids go into aviary back in Asia too. I used to work in there and have an intense fear of two of the birds, they're Victoria Crowned Pigeons and weigh 10 lbs. Seriously, 10 lbs. They also have a killer wing span and will hit you if you get too close. I've been told it feels similar to having the rim of a tennis racket hit you. Scott thought they had been taken out, so we went in. Much to our surprise there they were, the red eyed (seriously) devil birds. I hauled out of there so fast, I was not taking any chances. Obviously I do not have a photo, it would have been blurry anyway.

At some point between the walk from Asia to Africa the kids passed out, so Scott and I got fast passes for the safari and decided to chill out and watch the African drummers. Scott was worried the kids would wake up, but I had a feeling we would do just fine. The kids didn't even flinch until after the performance, it was awesome!

On the safari Aaron narrated the entire ride. Thank goodness, because our safari guide bit the big one. Anytime she would say an animal Aaron would yell "Where?!" pause "There it is!!!!". He also made animal noises for each animal, not necessarily the correct ones, but animal noises nonetheless.

Hopefully the weather won't get too hot and we can enjoy the park a few more times before summer.

Are you on Blogher and participating in today's scavenger hunt? I may just be one of the clues ;) Happy hunting!

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