Saturday, May 29, 2010

The cure is not more cowbell, I promise...

Last night Scott and I continued celebrating our anniversary by going to a Chicago White Sox game. They are in town playing the Rays until Sunday, which really was so very nice of them to schedule that around our anniversary. They're very sweet, aren't they?

Now Scott and I have only been to Tropicana Field one other time, and that was before the Rays won the World Series. There weren't many fans there, they were mainly White Sox fans the last time we went. This time was a different story, and my dear Tampa fans we need to talk. Please, grab your $8 Mich Ultra since you are a snob that can't drink real beer at a game, and let's chat. Yelling "Go Rays!" at people in White Sox shirts before the first pitch is even thrown, not so good. The game hasn't started yet, don't get too cocky. I call this bad karma. When 95% of your fans are wearing Longoria jersey's that tells me something. That tells me you really aren't a fan and just know that he's a good player (or in the ladies case, he's super hot) and that's pretty much it. Please jump off the bandwagon and jump back onto your Mich Ultra wagon. Thank you. Also, having someone in a giant blue wig leading the crowd of "fans" in ringing cowbells is not acceptable. See exhibit A:

Cowbell, and the phrase "we need more cowbell" is only acceptable in this format (exhibit b):

Now, this is not to say that we White Sox fans are not obnoxious. We are, as is evident by my tweets on Twitter last night, which if you are on Twitter I highly recommend you read, they are pretty funny. We, however, are die hard fans that know what we are talking about. We also drink Bud/Miller Lite not Mich Ultra and we eat sausage and peppers not salad. Plus, we have really cool accents, I can see why you would be jealous.
Also during the game I was texting my sister Cathy and I began to wonder if she was drinking what I was because at one point, after Rios hit a home run, I got a text that said "his name is Rios and he dances in the sand".
So the game was pretty awesome, we were in the lead and all was well with the world. Between one of the innings they started playing Cotton Eyed Joe (if you do not know this song, google it and this picture will make much more sense) and this man appeared on the Jumbo-Tron:

At this point, win or lose, my night was complete. Is that not amazing? If he had been wearing overalls that would have just been the sweet buttercream icing on one delicious banjo shaped cake.

In the end though, Chicago won and all those obnoxious Rays fans got to hear all of us South Siders in our drunken glory yelling "Let's Go White Sox!" in the tunnels post-game.

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Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

That is hilarious - the whole post is funny but the Cotton Eyed Joe (know the song well & at Alabama baseball games there is this guy that stands up and dances a jig! Love it)
Great jumbotron scouting!

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