Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mama, outside!

The kids are big fans of being outside since we got the swing set. It's the first thing Aaron says in the morning, "Mama, outside! Shoes, outside!". Oh if he only understood that Mommy is not awake until she's had two cups of coffee.

We went outside yesterday after naps, I thought it wasn't too hot, there seemed to be a breeze. I greatly underestimated the sun, you know the giant ball of fire in the sky. It got hot real quick and that gentle breeze did little to help. So I decided to give the kids some freeze pops to keep them cool. It was that or listen to them scream because we went inside. High fructose corn syrup it is! Anyway, the kids loved their freeze pops while they lasted. I tried to keep draining the liquid so we didn't have a big sticky mess and it seemed to work until the kids decided to do it themselves.

We went back outside after dinner when it finally cooled down. When I say we, I mean Scott, I was at the grocery store looking like a hot sweaty mess. Anyway, our garden is near the swing set and earlier in the day I was showing the kids the tomatoes. Well....Jill decided to pick those tomatoes. Two tomatoes to be exact. Two tiny green tomatoes. When Scott caught her she promptly threw them across the yard and held out her hands to show him that she didn't have anything (she's smart). I wonder if they'll still ripen?

I think this weekend is supposed to be really I don't know how much time we will be spending outside. Hope you're having a great weekend!

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alicia said...

Time for SUNSCREEN!! Seeing your pics took me back to our swingset days. Man i miss those.

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