Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Photographer I am not...

Like I said yesterday I pretty much sucked it up with taking photos this weekend. I had every intention of getting a photo of us and our friends Dawn and Dyson at PF Changs on Friday night, I blame the cosmos on that one. And when I say cosmos I don't mean universe, not that you were thinking that, right? I actually tried their crispy green beans (Dawn's suggestion) and you know what I guarantee I ate a full serving of veggies. Probably not the healthiest way, but by far the most delicious way.

Sunday I really sucked it up in the photo department. Pretty much every year we get a photo of Scott holding both of the kids and somehow that did not happen this year. We'll have to take it this week. Anywho, Sunday morning at mass they were honoring the youngest and oldest fathers in our parish. Scott was contacted on Friday and told that he was in fact the youngest father. Normally this would be strange, but when your parish is 80% retired folks, it's not that hard to believe. When we got to church we were informed there was someone who came in at the last minute and was 8 years younger than Scott, so he wouldn't be the youngest father. Scott (and I) were pretty bummed, but amazingly they still honored him because they said they would on Friday. How great right? Funny part of the whole story is when Father called everyone up he referred to Scott as Jesus Christ, as in "Jesus Christ come up here, yes you Jesus". Scott and Father like to tease each other, in case you couldn't tell.

Sunday afternoon we went up to Mimi and Paw Paw's with every hope of swimming but the clouds rolled in and we just knew if we got everyone all set to go in the pool it would start raining. That was a battle I didn't want to fight, let's be honest. Our friends Jon and Courtney also came by with their 12 day old little girl Caitlyn. She was so cute, and so good! I am jealous of her luscious locks though, she has more hair on her head than Jill had when she was a year and a half, no joke. Her super cuteness is why I think I didn't take any photos, I was distracted. Ha ha!

Keep an eye on my review blog this week, lots coming your way!


Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

How awesome! I love the Jesus comparision. : )

Kristen @ ladybug-blessings.com said...

that is so sweet they do that at church!!

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