Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Perfect Night for Ice Cream

Last night we met up with Mimi and Paw Paw at Ghiradelli for some ice cream. I'm not normally an ice cream or a sweets person, but I always love Ghiradelli.

Before we even got to the ice cream side of the shop by super human spidey sense saw the peppermint bark in the display. It's like I have radar for this stuff. They only sell it during the holiday season, which let's be honest, is not long. I mean really 2 months? They sell peppermint patties and peppermint well mints all year, why not peppermint bark? Needless to say my darling hubby bought me my first stash of the season. By stash I mean the biggest bag they sell, which will have to be rationed until I decide how many additional bags will be necessary to last until next November.

Ok back to the main reason we went, ice cream! The kiddos never seem to really be into dishes of ice cream, or ice cream cones, so we opted for milkshakes for them. I was a little worried that maybe they would be too thick, but they were perfect. Jill did not stop drinking hers until she hit the halfway point. Aaron took sips here and there but really wanted to get down and explore.

Jill even sampled some of my mint chocolate chip milkshake. She liked it, but thankfully not to the point that she wanted to swap.

It also hit me last night that they really are turning into big kids. Aaron was telling me all the letters on the sign and pointing out everything in our surroundings, and Jill looked like such a big girl sitting in the chair with her milkshake. Where did my little ones go? Time is definitely flying a lot faster than I thought it would, that's why nights like last night are just so important.

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