Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Race is On

Race day is upon me and I'll be honest it came a lot faster than I thought it would. Tomorrow morning I will run my first ever race, I literally want to vomit. I mean don't get me wrong, I'm excited, but scared to death all at the same time.

Yesterday I went to the Fit for a Princess Expo at Wide World of Sports to pick up my race packet and check out all the cool things in the running world. The whole room was packed with vendors and naturally I forgot to get a photo, but I did get a photo of the entrance:

I'm laying pretty low today, I went for a quick run this morning and plan on getting to bed right around when the kids go down. I have to be at EPCOT no later than 4:30am so I'm going to need as much sleep as I can get. Scott also has to work the race tomorrow and thankfully he will be at the finish line.

This race is definitely bittersweet for me, it's a huge accomplishment, but the person who is the reason I even signed up will not be there. I really wish my cousin Debbie could be there to cross the finish line with me, but I am also happy that she is nursing herself back to health. For those of you that don't know, my cousin was diagnosed with colon cancer shortly before Thanksgiving. Thankfully it was only in the one area and from what I understand she is cancer free. Right now she is undergoing a light version of chemo, she had her first session on Wednesday and so far she is handling it well. She will running with me in spirit and I cannot wait to talk to her after the race!

I will try and update tomorrow with how everything went, I definitely have a feeling I will spending a good part of my afternoon on the couch with some ice ;)


Kathie said...

You will rock this!!! Praying for you and your cousin too!!! <3

Holly Ann said...

Best of luck! You'll do wonderfully!

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