Sunday, March 20, 2011

Labor of Love

Today was our church's St. Baldrick's event. I've been working with all of the ladies in the Columbiette's to get this event up and running for the past couple of months. This event was truly a labor of love. Fun fact: that is all I could get out before bursting into tears during the opening speech, I even did the beauty queen fanning of the hand in front of the face. Thank you Louise for stepping in and saying what I couldn't say.

I've talked about Bryce on the blog and briefly in person to a few people (all with tears welling in my eyes), but standing in front of a room full of people that were shaving their heads for Bryce, and kids just like him, was all too much. It was one of the most awesome experiences of my life, something I will never forget, and I only wish Amy, George and Wade could have been here to help celebrate.

Scott was the first to have his head shaved. He raised just under $1000 (as of me writing this).


He asked me tonight if I liked his head shaved, and all I could think to say was that it didn't matter what it looked like, all that matters is why he did it and the bigger picture. That has been the whole purpose of this event. I could never imagine what Amy, George and Wade are going through, and have gone through, and never want anyone else that I know to go through it. I know the pain I feel and I know that is not even a fraction of what they feel. I will never in my life forget getting the message from Amy about Bryce being diagnosed. I remember staring at Aaron and Jill and seeing how little they were and knowing Bryce was even younger.

So now that I can't see what I'm typing, I figure I should just end with the photo of the shavees from today. We are missing one in the photo, he managed to sneak out before the photo. I cannot express in words how truly awesome this photo is and how thankful I am for these guys and gal shaving their heads for childhood cancer.


I cannot wait to see what the event will be like next year!

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