Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wine and Seafood Festival

The kiddos and I met up with my friend Jenn and her boys at Lakeridge Winery for their Wine and Seafood Festival. I love going here for events, it is so relaxed and the free wine tour doesn't hurt (not that we went on one, sigh).


There was a band playing so we set up a blanket and made ourselves comfortable. Jenn grabbed some cookies and I grabbed some lemonades and we had ourselves a picnic, complete with entertainment from Jill.

Don't you just love her dance moves? I am so glad the weather was perfect and we were able to spend the afternoon with our friends!


Holly Ann said...

Loved Jill's dance moves!! Too cute!

Johanna said...

Precious little dancer! When do we lose that free-spirited, wild abandon that toddlers dance with? So cute!

Missy said...

You had me at Wine & Seafood! : )
I <3 Jill's dance moves!

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