Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lake Louisa Nature Fest

Saturday morning we headed up to Lake Louisa state park to check out Nature Fest. In all the years that we have lived here we've never been and I don't know why. The place is gigantic and full of a ton of things for us to do.

We were hoping to do one of the hikes, specifically the butterfly walk, but the kids were too young so instead we just checked out all of the tents and activities they had on the beach. The kids got to do a scavenger hunt, learn about bird houses, visit a Native American (whether he actually was one or not I'm not sure), and check out some animals.

I think the highlight of Aaron's day was when he got to pet a snake. Don't ask me what kind of snake it was, all I know is it was big and not something I would ever like to be that close to ever again. Aaron loved it though and I'm just hoping that love doesn't mean he will bring me one if he finds it in the backyard.

The whole morning was a blast and I cannot wait to go back and check out some of the nature trails. I'll pause so you can stop laughing, I know the site of me hiking on a trail with wild animals is hilarious.

Done? Ok good....anyway thanks to all the volunteers that were there that morning, it was awesome!

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