Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

I really sucked it up at taking photos this weekend, but we had a fabulous time! Yesterday our friends Jon, Courtney and their daughter Caitlyn came over for a cookout and some swimming. Scott was able to use his smoker again and boy it was good! He smoked two slabs of ribs for 5 hours and they were clean the bone delicious!

He started with putting some honey dijon mustard on the ribs and then put on his rib rub:

Looks a little like something Fred Flinstone would eat, doesn't it? Then they smoked for 3 hours just like that, he put them in a slow cooker bag next with some apple juice and steamed them in the smoker for 2 hours and then opened that up and smoked them for another hour.

Even baby Caitlyn loved these ribs! Scott also made a BBQ sauce to go with it that was super yummy. After all of the food we had this dessert I made, it's a watermelon granita and was the perfect way to end the day:

All you need is 4 cups of watermelon (seedless), 1/2 cup of sugar and the juice of one lemon. Combine everything in a food processor and puree. Pour the contents into a shallow dish and put in freezer. After one hour rake the puree and then let freeze another hour and repeat. It was so good and refreshing after the ribs!

I hope you had a fantastic holiday weekend!

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