Friday, May 6, 2011

Nothing like an Italian Polish Wedding

For real, they are awesome. My dear friend Kristin, who was my maid of honor, got married last Friday. By the way, happy 1 week anniversary Kris and Tom!

They were married at St. Hyacinth Basilica, which is no lie the most beautiful church I have ever stepped foot in. The photo I took does not do it justice at all.

Amazing, right? And that's just a fraction of the place. Kris looked gorgeous even though she was 19 minutes and 40 seconds late (Chicago traffic is a real bitch sometimes).

I also have to share a funny story about the whole Kristin and Tom situation. When they started dating every time Scott and I would come back to Chicago and would plan to meet up Tom would have a work thing come up so we never got to meet him. I used to joke with her that Tom was really a series of cardboard cutouts that she would pose with in photos. I was very happy to see that Tom was an actual person and not made of cardboard. Even better, he's Polish which was an instant seal of approval in my book.

The reception was gorgeous as well, sadly I have no photos, my niece (who was my date) took those and has yet to upload them to Facebook (ahem). Kristin's grandfather made the night, he has always been one of the funniest guys on the planet, he's actually how we met our freshman year at ISU. Really, he's how Kris and Val met the entire Haynie 4 floor.

I am so glad I could be there for Kristin and Tom's special day and I wish both of you nothing but the best! Congratulations again!

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MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

That church is amazing! So glad you got to be there with your friends...and it sounds like you did a great job travelling with the kiddos. Hats off to you! :) :)

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