Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sweet Home Chicago

We made if back yesterday from our vacation in Chicago, hence the lack of posts. Since a lot went on I'm going to have to break it all up into different posts, so let's start with last Wednesday.

I ended up flying up alone with the kids since Scott was scheduled mandatory overtime. To be honest I pretty much sat and cried when I found this out. There was not one ounce of me looking forward to the 2 hour and 15 minute flight by myself with the kids. The last time we flew with them they were 6 months, so it's pretty hard to gauge what they are going to act like. Scott was able to get an escort pass though and it was a huge help at the airport, especially trying to get through security.

We had an early flight (6:30, sounded awesome at the time) so I was pretty sure the kids would sleep the flight up, or at least one would. They were really excited when we told them we were going on an airplane, and were even more excited when they saw their "pack packs" by the door. Security and everything was a breeze thanks to Scott, seriously I don't know how I would have gotten all of our crap through security without an extra set of hands.

The kids really got excited when they saw the airplane, they could not wait to get on, and honestly didn't even notice Scott left, at first. Once we started to pull away from the gate Aaron asked where Daddy was.

After take off I was able to pull out my secret weapons, the portable DVD players. I found headphones for them on Amazon that are kid sized, and they were perfect! Aaron wanted nothing to do with them, but Jill loved them. Aaron also fell asleep within the first half hour, so it didn't matter if he liked the headphones or not. I was honestly impressed with how smooth everything went on the flight, they were amazing!

My parents also got escort passes and met me at the gate to help out, it was awesome. After the airport we headed to a great local restaurant for breakfast and met up with my niece Lorren, or as Aaron called her, The Ren. It was soooooo good and I honestly cannot tell you the last time I had that big of a breakfast.

More to come on our adventure later.....

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Johanna said...

He is so cute sucking on his little thumb!

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