Monday, October 10, 2011

The Weekend of Rain

It was a fairly busy, and very wet, weekend for us. It started raining on Friday night and didn't stop until yesterday afternoon, only to pick up again last night.

Saturday I had a training session for the Columbiette's, an organization I'm a part of from my church. It was a fun morning/afternoon with the ladies and I was glad to be a part of it. Saturday was the day that it really rained so when I got home the kids and I just cuddled in our jammies and watched movies. Sometimes there is just nothing better than that.

Sunday we had a reception at the church for the Bishop in honor of our patron saints feast day. Originally it was supposed to be outside, but because of the rain it was moved indoors (in the very limited space we have). The whole reception was wonderful and the committee who ran/planned it did an amazing job! It was nice to have a chance to meet the Bishop and I was glad the kids didn't try to take his staff or anything.

I've got a lot of recipes coming this week, so be on the look out! Hope you are having a fantastic start to the week!

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