Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What the kids are saying....

Minus the epic meltdowns, I'm really enjoying this age because the kiddos are coming up with some hilarious things to say. Here's some examples:

Aaron (to any coffee cup he sees): Mama, that your poffee? (Clearly I drink a lot of coffee)

Aaron: I said SHUT UP!
Jill: *gasp* Aaron!
Aaron: Um...BE QUIET!
Jill: That's better...

Aaron: We go to the pumpkin patch and see the GIANT dinosaur?
Me: There's a dinosaur at the pumpkin patch?
Aaron: Uh huh, a GIANT dinosaur.

Jill (every morning for like 2 weeks): I get dressed, put on my owl pack pack and go on the blue plane to Dzia Dzio's house?
Me: Not today.
Jill: Um, my owl pack pack and go to Dzia Dzio's house.
Me: Not today.
Jill: Not today?
Me: Right, not today.
Jill: I talk to Dzia Dzio?
Me: Ok...
Dzia Dzio: Hello Jill!
Jill: "Dzia Dzio, my owl pack pack and the blue plane and your house.
Dzia Dzio: But I'm coming by you.
Jill: No your house.
Dzia Dzio: But I'm coming by you.
Jill: (dramatic sigh) 'K bye...

I was in the guest bedroom getting something and Aaron caught me...
Aaron: Why you in Busia's bed?
Me: Um, I had to get something.
Aaron: Where's Busia? Is she in there? I want to see her.
Me: No, she's not here, I just had to get something out of the room.
Aaron: Let me see. I want to see Busia.
Me: Aaron, she's not here, trust me you would know if she's hear.
Aaron (looking in room): Mama, where's Dzia Dzio's pillows?
Me: They're on the couch, remember?
Aaron: Those Dzia Dzio's pillows.
Me: I know, but they're on the couch.
Aaron: Ok, but those Dzia Dzio's pillows, they go on Busia's bed.

I've officially be reprimanded by a 3 year old.

I wish I could think of more of the things they are saying. I'm trying to write them on Facebook when they happen so I can remember. Hope you got a laugh!

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