Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our Thanksgiving

I'm not going to lie, I did not have high hopes/expectations for our Thanksgiving this year. Scott and I were/are getting over pneumonia, Jill has an awesome barking cough, and Mimi is in the hospital with a raging staph infection that is now seemingly under control. Paw Paw and I chatted and I said I had zero desire to make the full feast and we decided to order it in from Publix. Funny story, I ended up making everything except the turkey anyway.

Scott's only requirement on Thanksgiving is cornbread dressing, and actually his Mom makes squash dressing (which is cornbread dressing but with squash), and Maw Maw's gravy (which really is more of a soup than a gravy, but I digress). So I made a regular bread dressing for us Northerner's (Paw Paw and myself) and the squash dressing for the Southerners (Scott and Mimi since Paw Paw took her a plate). It's dangerous territory being a Yankee making southern food, but apparently I was successful.

Dinner itself was a success and really delicious. The turkey was perfect and so was my apple pie. The tryptophan kicked in right away for Aaron who was already tired. It only took one slice of turkey and the poor kid was out.

At the end of the day it was a great Thanksgiving. I may have eaten my body weight in stuffing and other various carbohydrates, but it was totally worth it. Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving as well!

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