Monday, November 28, 2011

SugieWogie Review

I've talked about bathing suit woes before. Seriously, next to a root canal I think bathing suit shopping is my least favorite activity. I usually buy 2 piece suits (takini's) because most one piece suits are not made for amazon's like myself, so naturally I was a little skeptical about the SugieWogie.

What's a SugieWogie you ask? SugieWogie, created by Shari Riehl, is the first ever line of luxury SwimDresses for women of all sizes that control imperfections and trouble spots. Cut from lusciously soft nylon/spandex, the collection of SwimDresses have one-piece body shaping bodysuits complete with legs (thigh-controlling shorts). While most swimsuits cut off at the widest part of a woman's body — her hips — these SwimDresses are a bit longer, to cover problem areas. No more super tight elastic band hugging your upper thigh and causing a muffin leg. The legs are double lined and lay flat for a sleek look.

The SugieWogie Signature Collection consists of 4 SwimDresses and 2 cover-up tops. SugieWogie Signature Collection comes in four designer styles: Cheers for Tiers, Splash Safari, Marilyn Sighting and Ruche Hour. Each SwimDress is crafted from a luxuriously soft nylon/spandex blend with a concealing, sheer mesh overlay. The signature cover-ups are mesh tops that compliment your bathing suits in styles named Ruffles Hide Ridges and Oh So Kimono. All are available in black (but of course), are patent-pending and made in the USA.

I received a SugieWogie in Marilyn Sighting. Of the four this was my favorite style, and seemed the most youthful. What surprised me the most about this SwimDress is the weight. It definitely feels heavier than a normal swimsuit, but once you have it on you forget about the weight. The suit also fit me perfectly, especially lengthwise which is normally a concern. We are going on a cruise this summer and this SwimDress while definitely get packed. It will be perfect for the day we spend on the private island since I won't have to bring along a cover up.

The price for a SugieWogie is definitely steep (well, at least for me). The Marilyn Sighting SwimDress retails for $272, however, the material and overall construction of the SwLinkimDress makes it well worth the price. You are getting a high quality shapewear SwimDress that will last you a long time.

Be sure to check out the other 3 designs of SugieWogie SwimDresses and keep up with SugieWogie on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclosure: I was compensated by company or PR representative with a SugieWogie SwimDress and write my honest review. The views are strictly 100% my own. Receiving the product(s) did not influence me to produce a positive review.

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