Sunday, February 26, 2012

Princess Half Marathon 2012

Today was the Princess Half Marathon at Disney World! I was so glad my sister and cousin were here to participate in it with me.

Cathy and I pretty much did the race together, Debbie actually finished just around an hour ahead of us. Cathy and I definitely had a lot of laughs, like when I almost became a thong when this woman stopped and bent over in front of me. Or when the guy dressed up as Tinker Bell was harassing his (I'm assuming girlfriend) running partner who was dressed like Peter Pan. Or the woman who was going to find out who she could complain to because Jack Sparrow was not at mile 10. Or the fact that they were playing "What a Man" by Salt N Peppa by all the princes. Or the fact that when we ran by the men from Richard Petty Driving Experience the woman behind us yelled "Dammmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnn!"Or the fact that they had an entire accordion ensemble playing Beer Barrel Polka. It was awesome.

Cathy finished in 3:23:13 and somehow (even though I was right next to her) I finished in 3:23:15. She says she threw her chest forward, therefore beating me by 2 seconds. I'm just glad I beat my time from last year, which was 3:29:59.

I'll have more photo's from Cathy's visit later in the week, but I wanted to share some moments from our day. Hope you had a fabulous weekend!


Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

This is AMAZING!!! Husband wants to run this one day. I told him he must dress up as a princess.

Amanda said...

The men have some really great costumes at the race. Some go full on out, but there was one guy that had a shirt that said "Why are all these princesses chasing me?!"

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