Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bob's Wedding Weekend Extravaganza!

This was a whirlwind weekend to say the least! Scott headed out to Tampa on Thursday for Bob's Bachelor Day and I headed out to Sarasota on Friday morning with the kiddos. I have to pat myself on the back for getting the three of us out to Sarasota and only forgetting one item (Scott's brown shoes, which really he only needed for the rehearsal) and getting there a half hour ahead of schedule.

We stayed at Lido Beach Resort, which is where the ceremony was held. It's right on Lido Key and was super. The kids were excited to be staying in a hotel and to be by the beach.

That night we had the rehearsal, which basically was going to tell us what the next day was going to be like. The kids even had special shirts to wear:

Aaron's said "I'm in charge of the rings" and Jill's said "I'm in charge of the petals". Aaron liked his shirt so much he wore it to bed. The rehearsal went pretty good, we learned that Jill didn't want to wear shoes, which was a big help in prepping for the big day. A huge thank you to Bob's parents for inviting us to the rehearsal dinner. Everything was delicious and it was a great time!

The day of the wedding we took the kids to the beach first thing in the morning to get it out of their system. All Aaron talked about the night before was going down to the water, so we let them play around and throw some shells into the water.

Isn't that a great photo? It's definitely one of my favorites.

I got a little nervous about an hour or so before the wedding because Jill decided she wasn't going to wear the dress. I may or may not have bribed her with a Barbie. Whatever, judge all you want, but the girl got in the dress didn't she?

It was HOT at wedding time. Normally there is a nice breeze, but no such luck. Aaron walked down like a champ and Jill froze once she hit the sand because it was warm. Scott ran up and walked her down and then she went right to Bob's sister Katie and proceeded to ask where her Barbie was. No lie. Vanessa looked gorgeous and the ceremony was pure perfection!

We were able to snag a lot of amazing photos on the beach before the reception too. The one of the left is Vanessa, her niece, Bob and the kiddos. The one on the right it all the bridesmaids and the kids, or "the girls" as both of the kids called them.

The reception was a blast as well! Jill spent the majority of the night with either the girls, the best man (who she's dancing with in the photo below), or the little boy that was there. Aaron floated between the guys, the fraternity brothers, the girls, or us.

I, specifically, had a wine-tastic time. Since Scott had a whole day of drinking and fun at Bob's Bachelor Day, I got to have my turn at the reception. I think I was two glasses in by the time Scott and the kids were announced with the bridal party. In this photo....well I have no idea, but I'm willing to bet it was equivalent to one of the large bottles of wine.

It was so great being able to see all of the brothers from Chi Phi, as well as having a chance to meet the rest of Bob and Vanessa's friends and families.

Thank you to Bob and Vanessa for including us in your special day! We know you two will have a lifetime of happiness and ridiculously good looking children that we can spoil!

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Looks like a great wedding to be remebered by all

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