Monday, April 16, 2012

Disney Magic

The crowds have finally left, for the most part, so we took the kiddos to Animal Kingdom yesterday afternoon. Can you tell it's our favorite park? It's like we're always there.

We only waited 10 minutes for safari, which I was so not expecting. I was also not expecting to see as many animals as we did. We even saw the cheetahs up close, which in all our safaris, has never happened.

We also got some really good shots of the elephants, elands, and rhinos. But let me tell you about the woman sitting behind me. I swear you would have thought we were on safari in actual Africa. She was snapping photos on her DSLR like a photographer from National Geographic. At one point she was taking (and I swear) 20 photos of turkey buzzards. They are native birds, that's why they don't talk about them.

We caught the parade right after and then headed to our favorite show, The Festival of the Lion King. I give all credit to Scott for these amazing photos, but seriously whoever edited them is awesome.

The coolest part of this show was that one of the performers picked a child in a wheelchair at the end to participate. She wheeled him around the stage and he looked like he was having a blast. Moments like that totally make my day and remind me of just how magical Disney can be.

I hope you had an equally fabulous weekend!

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