Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Goodbye 28, Hello 29!

Yesterday I was awoken around 5:30 by Jill poking me in the back and then she whispered, "Mommy! It's your birthday! No more bedtimes, it's your birthday! Happy Birthday!" I told her thank you and gave her a hug and then she said, "Can we watch cartoons?" Um, no. I told her Mommy doesn't get up before the sun, especially on her birthday, or birdday as Jill and Aaron say it.

After we all woke up Jill asked why Daddy wasn't home,"It's your birrday, Daddy should be home. You need a party." Seriously, Lord help the man that marries Jill.

We went out for dinner to one of my hometown favorites that just happens to be in Orlando, Maggiano's.  We were doing good, nobody spilled the beans on it being my birthday, so a spectacle would not be made. I'm not a fan of having "Happy Birthday" sung to me in a restaurant. It's so not my jam. Well, apparently it was someone else's 'birdday' and Jill saw the candles.  She couldn't even contain herself when the waiter came back to the table: "It's Mommy's BIRDDAY!!!!! Mommy's Birdday Mommy's Birrrrrrrdddddaaaaayyyyyy!". Thankfully, our waiter is not one to sing, so I simply had this yummy dessert:

I've also decided that this year I would do a 365 album, basically chronicling each day in my 29th year of life. I got the idea from a friend of mine, so I can't wait to see what the year brings. I'll add the album to my Facebook fan page so you can follow along!

Thank you to everyone that helped start year 29 off on a super great note!

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