Saturday, July 21, 2012

Live, Love, and Laugh

I was pretty much glued to my phone and the web all day yesterday checking for updates on what happened in Colorado. It was so crazy and utterly tragic. How often do we all go to the movies to escape the craziness of our daily lives? When you're there you are not focusing on anything other than the screen in front of you.

My heart aches for the families that were there with their children, who I'm sure saw this midnight screening as an awesome treat. How do you even begin to explain what unfolded to them? My heart also aches for the people who watched as people around them didn't make it. I cannot even begin to imagine what this situation was like for all of them.

Throughout the day I was reading comments about the shooting and honestly I found myself getting mad at people. People were saying they weren't going to go to the movies anymore and complaining that now we're going to have to have metal detectors at the theaters. You cannot put your whole life on hold because one man snapped.  If you do, he wins and so do all of the copycats like him.

People began criticizing parents for taking their kids to the midnight showing. Really? Would you have criticized them if this didn't happen? Probably not.

When Scott got home last night we talked about the shooting. Obviously, this whole situation is something he is going to analyze and investigate, it's his job. He cannot wrap his brain around the shooter, he said the fact that he gave up so easily and that everything around him is booby-trapped is strange. Something is off. I told him I don't care. I don't care about this guy, I don't care about why he did it. We shouldn't give him the attention he so clearly is craving.

What it all comes down to is that it makes me sad that my children have to grow up in a world like this. I don't remember it being so scary when I was growing up. I could easily play outside, ride my bike down to a friends house, whatever, as long as I was home by dinner. I wouldn't dream of this with my kids. It's sad.

I hope we all continue to keep the families and victims from Colorado in our thoughts and prayers. They need them. We should also be praying for the shooters family, I cannot even imagine finding out that my own child did this. But most importantly, go do something with your family today. Don't stay home because of this. Live, love, and laugh.


Not Everyones Mama said...

Here from Saturday Sharefest!

Such a good reminder! I was getting sick from people policizing this, both sides. And then the whole never going to a movie again thing.

Caution is helpful but we can't live our lives in fear of what could happen.

My prayers to all of them!


cat said...

SO well said my friend!

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