Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mother's Intuition

I mentioned yesterday how poor Jilly is sick and I thought it was an ear infection, but the doctor thinks it's strep. It very well could be a combination, however, Mom M.D. was right about the ear infection after all.

Last night after the kids were in bed and Scott and I finally settled in to watch Army Wives, Jill woke up vomiting and spiked a fever of 103.1. I knew what was up and we made the debate of waiting until the morning or taking her to the ER. You see, 103 is the magic number in my mind. Anytime that Jill had a febrile seizure it was usually right after she hit 103 and then it spiked after that. The number makes me sweat, even though she hasn't had a seizure the past few times (knock on wood).  

Scott volunteered to take Jill to the ER because he wanted me to get some sleep since I would be home with the kiddos all day. Have I mentioned that I love that man? Truly, I do. 

They were at the ER pretty much all night, I think they finally got home around 5. Jill caught a quick snooze while she was there:

And after the doctor diagnosed her with an ear infection, she enjoyed a yummy popsicle:

So far this morning she has been doing much better. She's been holding down food and liquids (knock on wood!) and seems to be feeling better. She only had a slight fever first thing and I'm hoping once the antibiotics kick in we'll be over this.  We've been coloring all morning in our new coloring book, so I think we're heading in the right direction.

Thanks for all the kind words on here and Facebook! 

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cat said...

Ohyou see, it was the ears after all! Hope she is way better soon

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