Monday, August 6, 2012

Ever have one of those weekends?

Ever have one of those weekends that just makes you go, "Wait, what just happened?" This was one of those weekends. 

Saturday started out normal, it really did. It was Mimi's birthday, so we took over the yellow cake with chocolate icing (not strawberry cake like Jill wanted) and sang her happy birthday with party hats on.

The kiddos even helped blow out the candles. After some cake and visiting we headed home and then Scott and I had our first date in I don't even know how long. We just walked around Epcot and had a chance to actually have a conversation, without having a 4-year-old (or two) chime in with a comment (read: demand).  This is where the 'normal' part of our weekend essentially ends.

Sunday morning we went off to church to welcome our new pastor. Technically he's a parochial administrator, but po-ta-to pa-tah-to. During the homily while Father is introducing himself I heard a jingling sound, and thinking it was just a baby playing with keys I didn't pay any mind to it until I saw something move on the ground out of the corner of my eye. It was our new pastor's dog, Max. Max walked down the aisle, next to the seats of course so he could get a couple of good scratches in, and then headed back to the pastor's office to catch another nap.  In that moment the kids made up their mind that Father Dave is awesome. It doesn't take much people.

After mass we got ready to head out to the Magic Kingdom to finally celebrate Paw Paw and Mimi's birthdays.  On our way to the park the car in front of us collided with a U-Haul. Scott saw the accident before it even happened and was pretty much parked by the time the cars hit and out the door helping. Now the area the accident happened in is called 4 corners, it's called 4 corners because it's where 4 different counties all border. Normally this is a nonissue, when you have to call 911 and figure out which county you're in, it's an issue. So here I am on the phone and trying to figure out where I am. I know across the street is Osceola but I'm not sure where I am. After the fact I'm reminded that when you look at the road signs it tells you the county. So while I'm staring at the oranges on the road signs I'm reading I should have been able to immediately recognize that I was in Orange County. Duh. 

There were no serious injuries, thankfully, with the accident.  Scott was the great hero in my book for jumping out and handling the accident until the police arrived. It ate up an hour and a half of our day, but it was worth it to know that those people were ok. 

We finally made it to Magic Kingdom and had a fabulous time. Paw Paw really wanted to eat at Liberty Tree Tavern for his birthday, so that's what we did. The food is always really yummy over there, and even the kids were having seconds. We even managed to get on a few rides while we were there too.  

Aside from the strange events on Sunday, we had a great weekend. Hope you had a great one too!

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