Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Way Back When-esday: Big Bear Chase Me

Dateline: August 2008
Age: 3 months

These were the first professional photos we had taken of the kiddos. All things considered they did really well and the faces they made throughout are memorable to say the least. I mean really, look at those faces. They're very "McKayla's Not Impressed" aren't they? Well, seeing that this was taking in 2008, I guess they originated that meme.

Play along with Cheryl over at Twinfatuation

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Cheryl Lage said...

Omigosh, their expressions are HYSTERICAL....and VERY McKayla's Not Impressed! Seriously though, that bear is QUITE impressive....and your sweeties, darling----then and now!

Thank you so much for playing along with Way Back When-esday!

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