Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Story Behind the Photo: Something Old Something New

Continuing with the wedding weekend posts, here is another photo and the story behind it.

I love this photo of all of my "stuff" from our wedding day, but most especially because two of the most important things to me are in it. 

The cross in the photo is the same cross my Grandma Ruhling wore on her wedding day to my Grandpa Bednarek. He gave it to her as a wedding present and she gave it to me. I always knew I wanted to wear it on my wedding day.

The handkerchief in the photo was made by my Grandma Janes. Grandma made all of us girls a handkerchief for our wedding day and I had this in my hands the entire ceremony. It was like she was with me on my wedding day.

More posts to come before our anniversary on Monday!

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