Monday, June 24, 2013

Amanda Goes to Washington...Part 2

My conference ended on Friday morning, so Cathy and I headed into DC to see more of the sites. On our way to our first stop, the Capitol, we checked out what we lovingly nicknamed the Men in Black building. 

It's really for Robert A. Taft, but it will always be the Men in Black building to us. After that quick stop we went to the Capitol and Grant Memorial.

We went inside and took a tour as well. We had an amazing view of the dome and were able to see all of the statues inside. I also have to say there is nothing cooler than standing where the President has stood before he walked down the stairs to swear in. 

We also checked out all of the statues on the main level.

After the Capitol we went to the Botanic Gardens.  The gardens are gorgeous and full of a ton of different plants and flowers.

My favorite room was the orchid room. They were gorgeous to say the least! 

Next we went to the National Museum of the American Indian. 

The building is gorgeous and there are no corners. Why no corners? So spirits cannot hide. It was a really interesting museum and apparently has an amazing food court.

After the museum we headed over to the Sonoma Wine Bar to meet up with my high school friend Bryan. 

Bryan lives on the hill and I haven't seen him in almost a decade. It was fantastic to catch up and I hope it's not another 10 years before we see each other again.

After some wine we hopped on a tour to see DC at night. Our first stop was the Capitol and then we moved on to the White House.

Then we moved on to the WWII memorial.

This memorial was gorgeous and while I'm sure it's beautiful during the day was amazingly gorgeous at night.

It was so nice to see that there were wreaths on some of the states for soldiers. It's nice that people still do that.

Our next stop was the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. This one just opened not too long ago and is breathtaking. 

I love that it is not finished, it speaks volumes to civil rights.

Our next stop was the Iwo Jima Memorial. Again, this memorial is amazing at night.

Our final stop for the night was the Lincoln Memorial.

This tour was beyond worth it, we saw so much of the city in 3ish hours. 

When we got back to our hotel we stopped over at Art and Soul for something quick to eat. If you are in DC you need to stop here and eat there. The mac and cheese is to die for and if they have the broccoli potato soup, get it!

I have one more day to share with you, so check back tomorrow! 

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