Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Disney's Princess Half Marathon Weekend the 4th Edition

Going for a perfect 4 years in a row, I'm doing the princess half marathon again with Cathy, Lorren and Michelle!

Except this year, we're all doing the Glass Slipper Challenge. What is the Glass Slipper Challenge you ask? It's when you run the 10K on Saturday and the half marathon on Sunday for a grand total of 19.3 magical miles.

The four of us girls are running again and I cannot wait to snag this photo again.

Now sit back, relax, hit play on this YouTube video and get ready....

The 13.1 mile race on Sunday starts in EPCOT, goes through Magic Kingdom and then finishes in EPCOT. The course has not changed, which is an advantage for us. Here is the course:

I have no idea what the 10k course looks like, all I know is it goes through EPCOT and the EPCOT resorts. 

Now onto the runners....

This is my sister Cathy and I at the Royal Family 5K last year.

Fun Facts:

She always runs with a Cinderella bib. Always.

The half marathon will be on her birthday this year. I think that's pretty kick ass.

She is the mastermind behind costuming.

Next up is Lorren. This is Lorren and I before we headed to the corrals last year.

Fun Facts:

She loves Aurora and pink. It's a match made in Disney heaven.

She can run like Groucho Marx.

Her choice food for refueling after a race? A hot dog at Casey's with extra sauerkraut.

Next racer is Michelle. Here we are last year before getting on the bus.

Fun Facts:

This will be her second half marathon and only her 5th race (right?).

Her favorite princess is Belle.

She protects me from squirrels on runs.

Finally, there's me. I know this is a screen shot photo, but it's one of the only photos that doesn't make me look like a jackass when I run.

Fun Facts:

I am the tallest of the four of us.

I run like Phoebe from Friends.

I pick a different princess each year. I've been (in order): Cinderella, Rapunzel, Merida and now Ariel.

I'm hoping it's not crazy humid like it was last year because I really don't want to puke in the bushes again. 

Bring on the bling!

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