Sunday, June 2, 2013

VPK Graduation

The kiddos graduated from VPK on Saturday. Momma was definitely not ready for this big step in their lives. I'm pretty sure I was just holding them in the glider, rocking them back to sleep. 

 Seriously, when did they get so big?! 

The whole common area was decorated for their graduation and I loved that the entire staff made such a big deal about the kiddos graduating. 

They did an adorable show called the VPK Caterpillars. Yes, I cried. 

After their show they changed into caps and gowns and then received their diplomas. When they were walking to receive their diploma their teacher, Miss Rosemary, told us what they wanted to be when they grew up. Jill wants to be a princess (what I wanted to be in preschool as well) and Aaron wants to be a policeman. 

They also had a very special guest show up:

Scott and I were able to snag a picture with Mickey as well.

We also grabbed a photo of the kiddos with their teacher.

They love Miss Rosemary and we honestly could not have asked for a better VPK teacher. I truly believe that preschool and kindergarten teachers are the most important, they set the tone for our children for the rest of the educational careers.

We also had to grab a quick photo of them by "their tree".

Congratulations Aaron and Jillian! We are so incredibly proud of you!

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