Friday, July 5, 2013

"I Never Bought You Tavern Ham"

Yesterday, I posted this photo on Facebook:

Here is the caption I included:

"Childhood flashback: My MOM was/is notorious for buying something in bulk the moment you say you like it. I ate more tavern ham in my youth than should be allowed. You guessed it, I no longer eat tavern ham and will not be purchasing any this week at Publix."

Then my MOM and I had a conversation about how she never bought me Tavern ham. Ummmm...let me fill you in on this. She alternated between Krakus ham and Tavern ham with me. I took a sandwich for lunch pretty much everyday to school (with a swiss cake roll, that inevitably went to Erika because I could not possibly eat another one) so I think I know what type of lunch meat I was eating. Also, I was usually the one that had to stand and wait for it at the deli counter. 

If you ever tell my MOM that you like something you will eat it, in bulk, for all the days of your life. No, not her life, your life, because she has bought enough to last that long. It was always the running joke in our house that you were to never tell her you liked something.

Once, my brother mentioned he liked strawberry, I don't even know if he specified the strawberry product, but all I do know is that one day his lunch was peanut butter and strawberry jelly, strawberries and strawberry pop. He almost turned into a strawberry. For real.

While I do like to pick on my MOM about this, I was pretty lucky to have a MOM that stockpiled on everything that we liked, even to the point of making us not like it anymore. 

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Anonymous said...

That is too funny! My mom always believes I don't like anything...You won't like that or you can't have any of that, because you don't like it. "Since when?!"

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