Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2015 Princess Weekend - Part 2

Princess weekend continued with the Enchanted 10K, which is the first part of the Glass Slipper Challenge portion of the weekend. 

Cathy, Lorren and I went with an Alice in Wonderland ensemble. We are really not ones to wear costumes, we consider costumes to be Sparkle Skirts and Raw Threads shirts, which is exactly what we wore. 

Cathy was the Red Queen (I wish I had the detailing on her shirt because it was amazing), I was Alice (obviously) and Lorren was the Cheshire Cat. It should be noted that Cathy had a drink stirrer from Southwest in her hair because it had a heart on it.

It was definitely warmer waiting for the 10K than it was for the 5K, but we still huddled around warmers and stayed in our mylar blankets until the race start. 
The 10K course is one of my favorites (minus the first mile and a half). The course wraps through the EPCOT parking lot, through World Showcase, around the EPCOT resorts (Boardwalk, Yacht and Beach Clubs) and then back through the front of EPCOT. 

Michelle and I hung together for the race and I had to snag a photo of one of my favorite parts of the race, the moment you see the torches illuminated when you enter World Showcase. How cool is that?!

The other cool part about the 10K was that my boss and her daughter volunteered at one of the water stops. It was so fantastic having my own personal cheering section on the course.

I finished the 10K in 1:23:03 and Michelle was right behind me. Cathy and Lorren were not that far behind either. 

After the race and a giant breakfast (and when the weather warmed up just a touch) we headed over to the Magic Kingdom to have a fun-filled day in the park. 

Part of that fun included having a giant bowl of pasta at Tony's Town Square and maybe a few loaves of bread. I think the majority of the restaurant was runners carb loading for the big day on Sunday.

Aside from noshing on bowls of pasta, we spent some time just exploring the park. There were a ton of people in the park so we were not able to go on a lot of rides. Come to think of it I think we only went on the train and into the Laugh Floor. 

We really didn't even stay that long because we were all exhausted and had another early wake up call for the half. 

Only one more post to go and I cannot wait to talk about the half marathon! It was by far the best I've ever run at Disney and there will be more on that in the coming days. 

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